Crete registered highest rainfall and temperature in 2020

Crete registered highest rainfall and temperature in 2020

The island of Crete recorded the highest temperature but also the highest volume of rainfall in 2020, according to a report presented by the National Observatory of Athens on Tuesday.

The report presented last year's records for rainfall and temperature, based on data collected by its automated network of weather stations, NOA-meteo.

Crete experienced the highest annual levels of precipitation after it was hit by successive major storms – Hephaestion in January and Circe in October – and repeated waves of bad weather in November and the first half of December, which caused significant damage and problems.

The lowest levels of annual rainfall during the year were on the Cyclades islands and the Dodecanese islands.

The top five locations that a registered most rain last year were Asi Gonia, Chania (2,865 mm), Askyfou in Chania (2,650 mm), Setta in Evia (2,383 mm), Steni in Evia (2,207 mm) and Zagora, Pilio (1,995 mm). The lowest levels of rainfall were seen on the islands of Salamina (286 mm), Naxos (277 mm), Nisyros (276 mm), Derveni in Corinth ( 275 mm) and Ios (263 mm).

The year 2020 was also one of record-high temperatures, such as the unusual heat wave on May 15-19, while record high temperatures were recorded in 200 weather stations of the NOA-meteo network. A second heatwave with unusually high temperatures, which was also accompanied by strong storms, occurred on July 31-August 1. The lowest temperatures of the year were on January 5-7 and February 5-9.

The five highest temperatures recorded in 2020 were in Plora, Heraklion (41.8 C on May 16), Kranidi in Argolida (41.8C on August 1), Arfara in Messinia (41.1 C on May 17 and July 31) and Mires, Heraklion (41.1 C on May 17). The lowest temperatures recorded were in Neo Kafkaso (-14.7 C on February 9), Vryzes in Fokida (-14.3C on January 8), Kaimaktsalan (-13.3C on January 6 and -12.8C on February 6) and Grevena (-12.6C on January 8).

Among the weather events that stood out during the year was the Medicane Ianos, which is estimated to be the most powerful Mediterranean cyclone recorded since 1969 and caused extensive damage to buildings, as well as four deaths.


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