Successful policing of Psychico

Beautiful homes, wealthy incomes and a low crime rate equals a sense of security. Both Palaio and Neo Psychico to the north of the city have among the lowest crime rates in Attica and local residents appear to enjoy very quiet, protected lives. The presence of private security firms with which the municipality has contracts and the recent establishment of a municipal security department in Neo Psychico have proved effective in maintaining law and order. «From 8 p.m. to 6 a.m., private security officers patrol Palaio Psychico and, if necessary, either take action themselves or call the police,» said Deputy Mayor Pantelis Xyridakis. In Neo Psychico, the municipal security department consists of 12 officers who patrol throughout the night. «We have no local crime, as the families living here these days are in the middle- and high-income brackets, said Mayor Paris Pasas. Many of the buildings within Palaio Psychico are themselves guarded and police maintain a prominent presence. Crime-fighting appears to have been helped by both municipalities’ decision to discourage through traffic with many one-way streets. There are also very few nightclubs, cafes or bars. Permits are heavily restricted and the establishments subjected to strict controls.