Police aim to boost efficiency

Public Order Minister Vyron Polydoras yesterday heralded in a reorganization of police resources to improve the efficiency of the force and boost safety for citizens. Proposed changes include the reintroduction of foot and motorcycle police patrols, Polydoras told a press conference along with Greek Police Chief Anastassios Dimoschakis. «We want to be at the scene of the crime in zero time,» Polydoras said. Cracking down on petty crime is to be a priority. «The mugging of old ladies concerns me. We must act immediately to tackle such problems,» Polydoras said. More than 500 officers who have been guarding feared terrorist targets and VIPs are to be reassigned to other posts within the force, Dimoschakis said. Meanwhile, a regional police force is to begin operating this year with 1,000 officers who were appointed to their posts under New Democracy in 1993 before PASOK came to power and abolished the new force, Polydoras said. Dimoschakis also announced planned changes to the police force in Thessaloniki, where new departments are to be created.