Barcelona, Majorca and French Riviera offer successful examples of marine and resort tourism

Greek marinas could be integral in the development of marine tourism. Data supplied by Pythagoras Kosivas, a member of the National Tourism Council, indicate that such examples of culture can go well with sea tourism. Officials point to Spain and the Balearic Islands as good examples of enhanced marine tourism. Marina resorts Barcelona especially has done well in this aspect. The city boasts 18 large museums, mainly of contemporary art, and six marinas. One of those marinas also operates as a luxury resort with hotels, a conference center, a concert hall, a VIP lounge, luxury restaurants, beaches and other facilities. In the city of Palma in Majorca, there are seven state-of-the-art marinas operating, including one that is the second largest in the Mediterranean. Palma has a rich cultural life as well as the Es Baluard Contemporary Art Museum, opposite the Yacht Club. Getting a berth for a new vessel is not easy in Palma and requires a months-long wait on a list. Still, the tourists keep coming here year round and life never slows down. And what about France? The French Riviera has 42 modern marinas. There are over 100 museums and more than 200 art galleries on the Cote d’Azur. In the mountainous regions of the Riviera, nine ski resorts and 12 golf courses are in operation. In Cannes, culture and sea tourism are closely intertwined. In Monaco, the marina, the palace and the casino are at the center of all the events. Permanent international events include the opera and dance festivals, a tennis tournament and the Formula 1 car race, but there are also other commercial, charity and high-profile functions of international repute. In all of the above, the marinas and high-quality cultural activities draw visitors and fuel economic growth. Officials in Greece say such examples should be scrutinized carefully, since Greece also has these ingredients for success.