Living in a designer universe

Lifestyle magazines appear to be the inspiration for the sets of most drama series. Even heroes who are starting their first jobs live in neoclassical mansions with gardens, traditional homes on a mountain or by the sea. One wonders if these high-flyers have taken out housing loans or just inherited these excellent plots of real estate. We never see the protagonists buying a lottery ticket or filling out a football pool form, for instance, to get a sense of how they got so much money. Instead, they are too busy facing past demons or being surrounded by blackmailers, kidnappers, paid or paranoid killers, former husbands or wives or illegitimate offspring bent on revenge. Apart from «Wedding Ring,» whose heroines are not afraid of washing the dishes, the stars of Greek serials live in spotlessly clean and tidy homes with huge living rooms, ergonomic kitchens and eat haute cuisine in expensive restaurants as they agonize over whether to break up with each other or make a new beginning. If there is a moral in such stories, it is perhaps that high-tech design does not necessarily bring happiness.