The role of the frontmen is to take the fall

Usually police inspections take place only after persistent and strongly worded protests and never result in more than verbal reprimands. But in cases where these violations of the law are too blatant to be ignored, club owners have created the post of «virtual owner,» a frontman who literally stands at the entrance to the club next to the bouncers or walking nonchalantly up and down in front. These people are known to locals and often change from one club to another so that every month they are at a different post. Their job is a specific one – to take the place of the real owner so he can avoid arrest and detention by declaring themselves to be the manager in charge and assuming responsibility. The other illogical thing about all this is that the real owner is usually in the club when the police arrive, pretending to be an employee. It is the real owner who points out the frontman to the police.