Police attack claimed

The Revolutionary Struggle militant group has claimed responsibility for a grenade attack against a police station last month and threatened of more actions in the future. In a proclamation sent to the weekly Pontiki newspaper, the group said that it was responsible for the April 30 police attack in Nea Ionia, northern Athens. No one was hurt in the incident. The group said it is planning to strike more targets, including senior government officials. «We have a sensitive conscience and react strongly to the criminal actions of the regime’s guards and the permanent impunity from the law they enjoy,» the proclamation read in reference to recent comments from Public Order Minister Vyron Polydoras concerning «police sensitivities.» Among those identified as being potential targets are Polydoras and Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis. The group also claimed responsibility for snatching a submachine-gun from a police guard outside of the home of Supreme Court President Romylos Kedikoglou on April 17. It is believed that this weapon was used by assailants to fire at the police station in Nea Ionia. Last month’s attack was in response to heavy-handed policing at recent public demonstrations, the statement added. The weekly newspaper, due out today, has published past claims by the group. Police said they were trying to verify the claims. In January, the group struck the US Embassy in Athens by firing an anti-tank missile at the building. No one was hurt in the incident. Sources said that the claim of responsibility has caught authorities off guard, as the attack on the police station was not seen as being the work of the terrorist group. The government and US Embassy are jointly offering some -1.6 million as a reward to anyone who helps authorities capture members of the group. No one has ever been arrested in connection to the terrorist group since it became active in 2003. It is also responsible for the bombing of a police station in Kallithea, southern Athens, 100 days before the start of last year’s Olympic Games.