The art nouveau Acropole

History: A listed interwar building, one of the few remaining art nouveau buildings in Athens. Designed by Sotiris Magiasis (1894-1966), it was bought in 1999 by Giorgos Batatoudis, then president of the PAOK soccer club and owner of the Ergas construction firm. The contract co-signed by Culture Minister Evangelos Venizelos provided for both purchase and renovation. Disagreement over strengthening the statics led to a long dispute. In 2004 the ministry announced it owned the building and would renovate it for its own use. In 2006 the Council for Modern Monuments stipulated it would be used as a sales outlet and for accommodating the ministry’s VIP guests. Condition: The exterior is wrapped in burlap; the interior is damaged from neglect. Future: The renovation and new use has been on hold since the crisis associated with the ministry’s general secretary.