Police told to pull up socks

President Karolos Papoulias yesterday warned the chief of police that the force has to sharpen up its act in the wake of an incident in Thessaloniki on Saturday in which a fugitive shot dead a bus driver. Papoulias told the head of the Greek police force, Vassilis Tsiatouras, that he has to ensure that «one-off» incidents do not become commonplace. «You will be judged on your results,» Papoulias told Tsiatouras. «I think you have to coordinate your efforts. Training has to be better. The law has to be stricter. Also, corrupt officers have no place on the police force,» added the president. Papoulias also had words of warning for the chief of the fire service, Thanassis Kontocostas. He said that the devastating wildfires of last summer «leave us no room for laxity, nor for excuses.»