Ceiling at 50

A major issue that arises in connection with the question of IVF is the age at which women should be considered no longer capable of carrying a child. According to Professor Matzavinos, with a donor ovum – a commonly used method – even women of 60 and over would be able to carry a child. «After the age of 40, the ova begin to deteriorate dramatically,» he explains. «But if you take an ovum from a younger woman and implant it in a woman aged 50-60, she would be able to bear the child if she was given the appropriate treatment. «But a woman’s body cannot deal with a pregnancy at that age. Many women have lost their lives this way,» he pointed out. As a way of avoiding excesses, the international community has set an upper limit of 50, and there is an unwritten rule that the sum of both parents’ ages should not be more than 100. Free entry today, strike threatened