Highway woe to end shortly

The company responsible for managing a section of the national highway north of Athens, where drivers were caught in tailbacks stretching for 14 kilometers on Sunday and yesterday, said that it is carrying out necessary improvement works that will be completed within 10 days. Athenians who left the city for the weekend were frustrated to find that on their return a 7-kilometer section of the Athens-Lamia highway had been reduced from three lanes to one, which caused long delays for motorists. The Nea Odos consortium said that an anti-slip surface was being laid and two lanes had to be closed for the job to be done properly. Nea Odos said most of the work is due to be finished by tomorrow so that just one lane will be closed to traffic and that the whole section will be ready in 10 days. The company also hopes to finish work on the Ritsona-Thebes and Yliki Lake sections by the middle of August.