Fake passports lead to arrests

In cooperation with authorities in Germany, police in Greece have arrested six foreigners, including one aged 14, who are alleged to be part of a ring that sold false travel documents to illegal immigrants so they could travel to other European countries. In a statement yesterday, police did not reveal in which region of Greece the suspects were caught. nor their nationality, but did say that those arrested were between the ages of 14 and 29 and had allegedly been selling forged passports for 500-700 euros each and Greek identity cards for 100-200 euros. Police seized 31 passports and seven ID cards as well as almost 8,000 euros in cash. In a separate operation, police arrested three men aged between 27 and 29 in the Xirokrini area of Thessaloniki who are suspected of helping to smuggle 25 illegal immigrants, including five children, into the country.