Global perspectives at Doukas School: Fostering excellence in international education

Global perspectives at Doukas School: Fostering excellence in international education

At Doukas School, the course for admission to top universities passes through the International Studies Department.

Through a variety of options tailored to the profile and desires of each student, studying abroad becomes a reality.

Preparation for the International Baccalaureate, the International A’ Levels and the BTEC Foundation in Art, Design & Media Practice can start from A’ Lyceum.



Since 2001, Doukas School has been accredited by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) and has run the IB Diploma Program (IBDP). IBDP is a two-year course (Grades 11 and 12) taught in English with an additional component of History, Greek Language & Greek Literature and Physical Education taught in Greek. Students are awarded the full equivalent of the Greek Apolytirion through a combination of being awarded the IB Diploma by the IBO and passing the three Greek subjects. All students who enroll in this program intend to apply to universities abroad.

Why choose the IB program at Doukas School?

Our students nail it with 100% admission to universities abroad, and a solid 33% of them hitting the coveted 38-point mark. Plus, every single one of our students gets into their top choice universities. At Doukas School, we’re all about fostering that inner fire and building up the key qualities needed to thrive as responsible global citizens. We’re on a mission to mold our students into active, critical thinkers who never stop learning. The Doukas School IBDP is where it all comes together – it’s our way of offering a truly transformative educational journey. The IBDP isn’t your run-of-the-mill program – it’s tough, it’s thorough, and it’s all about striking that perfect balance. We’ve got the tools to prep students for a world that’s constantly changing and becoming more interconnected.

“Overall, our IB, it’s not one-size-fits-all. The IBDP bends and flexes to meet each student’s unique needs and interests. Thinking about diving in? The IBDP kicks off in 11th and 12th grade, with an option to hop on board after wrapping up the PreIB Program in 10th grade.”



 Since 2008, Doukas School has been accredited by the Pearson Edexcel examining board and has run the BTEC Foundation Diploma in Art, Design & Media Practice (QCF Level 3). Doukas is the first school in Greece to offer the program.

What is the the BTEC Foundation program at Doukas School?

  • It is a preparatory program that aims to help students, aged 16 and above, to decide on what exactly they want to study in relation to Art & Design.
  • Through the program students are introduced to various Art & Design pathways, that help them experiment with a plethora of media and ultimately help them realise what they are good at and what they want to study in university. The specialist classes offered are 3D Design, Animation, Architecture, Ceramics, Fashion & Textiles, Film, Fine Art > Painting / Drawing / Color Theory, Glass, Graphic Design, History of Art, Illustration, Metal, Photography.
  • Aditionally, it helps students develop their creativity and critical thinking skills, while comprehending the design process, a necessary parameter for studying abroad. This is why all our students start their first year of university, certain of their chosen pathway.


Why chose the BTEC Foundation program at Doukas School?

  • We are the only school in Greece that has partnered with the 2nd best Art School of the World, University of the Arts London.
  • We offer an English-speaking foundation program that equips its students with all the necessary skills to successfully progress and excel in their future studies abroad.
  • A number of specialist classes are offered that help students decide what it is they are interested in, in relation to Art & Design, and thus choose their specific pathway.
  • Our students save up to 1 year of studies.
  • Our students can combine the program with the IB, A-Levels or Lykeio to graduate with two diplomas making their university applications really stand out.
  • Doukas School offers the only complete BTEC Foundation in Greece
  • Since 2008 our program has had a 100% acceptance rate in international universities, with 96% of our studnets getting accepted in their 1st choices.
  • Small classes (usually less than 10 students per class) receive a 1 on 1 personalised experience with their specialist tutors.


 Pearson Edexcel International AS/A levels, also known as Advanced Subsidiary Level/Advanced Levels, are designed for international learners who want to progress to the best universities around the world.

The program’s modular approach reduces pressure on students as they don’t have to take all the exams at the end of their second year, it increases flexibility and increases chances of success as they can resit exams.

 If a student wishes to study in Higher Education Institutions abroad, the Doukas School IAL Department offers extensive and personalised experience that prepares students for their admission. With almost 40 years of experience the team of excellent trained tutors will equip students with all the necessary skills to excel in their studies abroad. 

It is a two-year program, that runs in the afternoon, allowing students to attend their morning Lykeio, and complete their 3 IAL’s in the evening. Upon completing their A-Levels our students receive a letter from the British Council stating they have obtained an equivalent to the UK high school diploma.

 We offer 4 target streams. Every stream we offer is a series of area-specific courses that the students take as part of their degree. It allows them to specialize in a particular field of study.

Engineering Stream, Economics & Business Stream, Psychology Stream & Art Stream.


 As of this year we will begin offering the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

 The EPQ is an optional, standalone Level 3 qualification, taken over one or two years, that develops the independent learning and research skills demanded by universities and employers. It gives students the opportunity to:

  • Explore an area that interests them, aligned to an area of the curriculum or a hobby or interest.
  • Research a subject that might not be available through other qualifications, whilst developing valuable independent research and project management skills
  • Become future-ready by learning valuable skills that will help in further study, higher education, and the workplace.



Every year the UPL department of Doukas School accepts the applications of students who aim to study abroad. The majority of these students are IB and A level students, while there are also many students who have completed Greek high school (Lykeio) and still wish to continue their studies abroad. Among them there is also a respectable number of students who choose to apply with us while attending other schools (public or private).

 Depending on the profile, educational needs and wishes of each student, the University Placement Center (UPL) provides information on the University’s study content, its offered services, admission requirements, living and study costs and academic development prospects at bachelor’s degree level. Additionally, we offer personalised guidance and advice to each candidate, during one to one sessions, while they are in the process of writing their personal statements, curriculum vitae (CV) and preparing their applications to the Universities of their choice. 

 Every year, our students not only receive offers from their 1st choice universities, but also scholarships to some of the most competitive universities and schools abroad. For the last 2 academic years, 2021-22 and 2022-23 alone, our students received over $3,000,000 in scholarships.


Address: Mesogeion 151, Marousi 151 26

Phone: 21 0618 6000

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