Reload Greece launches global call to start-ups


London – Reload Greece has launched the global call for applications to its London based accelerator program, RG Challenge19. Taking place over an intense 11 days (June 25 to July 5), the program will support 15 start-up teams to become investment ready. Start-ups, with a connection to Greece, will work on their business propositions and plans with the support of over 40 international high-profile mentors and industry experts.

Reload Greece’s top professional and academic mentors, from companies such as IBM, Unilever, PwC, Credit Suisse and the London Business School, will support the entrepreneurs to refine their business model, strategy and financials and learn how to pitch effectively. Participants will gain an insight into the UK ecosystem and become ready to raise their first round of £250k funding. Each start-up will gain invaluable 1:1 time with investors specifically interested in their business and at the final Dragons Den pitch event, teams will pitch to a panel of investors to win awards and prizes.

Applications are open to start-ups with an MVP, preferably some initial traction and Reload Greece is particularly interested in receiving applications from high growth, high – tech businesses in the tourism, agriculture, shipping, finance, medicine, education and aerospace sectors. An AI, Big Data or Virtual Reality edge would be an advantage. Applicants also need to be able to demonstrate some current or planned connection to Greece or the Greek economy.

International start-ups can benefit from exploring business connections to Greece due to the strong talent pool, highly competitive labor costs, high quality manufacturing and unique investment available in Greece. The Greek EquiFund 400 million euro investment, available to early stage start-ups with a connection to Greece, is one of the European Investment Fund’s largest investments in Europe for one country.

Innovative feed tech start-up Entomics, who transform organic waste into high value animal feed using insects as the bioconversion engine, won last year’s RG Challenge18 Judges Award. Since winning a £5,000 cash prize, six months desk space at Central Working in London and three sessions with Joelson Law, the start-up has gone on to raise investment and have grown their team to 9 people.

“RG Challenge18 was a truly amazing experience. All of the mentors really helped us to develop, it was great to work with other start-ups to share experiences and encourage each other and the prize helped us to accelerate our recruitment process,”Fotis Fotiadis, CTO of Entomics, said.

The winner of Reload Greece’s Young Entrepreneurs Program (RG YEP) will be guaranteed fast-track access to RG Challenge19. As part of Reload Greece’s broader initiatives to support innovation and build bridges between Greece with the rest of the world, the RG Challenge program will continue its collaborations with key players of the Greek entrepreneurial scene, such as leading accelerator programs and University competitions. Furthermore, major organizations such as the Costas M. Lemos Foundation and the A.G Leventis Foundation are continuing their invaluable support of the RG Challenge program. Global applications to RG Challenge19 can be submitted up until April 2nd, 2019 and after a detailed review process, fifteen teams with a maximum of three participants per team will be selected.

“Through RG Challenge17 we secured the bigger part of our funding and since then our team has grown significantly to 9 full time employees and we are experiencing over 1000 percent growth per year. Our funding came after we won Reload Greece Challenge, we now have more than 400 percent revenue growth year on year and we have already expanded to new markets,” Katerina Santikou, Founder of hotel talent portal Workathlon, and winner of the RG Challenge17 Judges Award, said.

“I learned a lot through RG Challenge, I became pitch ready, met some incredible people – both founders and mentors – and got connected to a great pool of mentors and investors who help me till today,” she said.

Businesses with a connection to Greece will learn how to access the UK market and investor community, create sustainable business models and effectively pitch their business to investors. If you have a business solving a problem in Greece or being connected to Greece with a positive impact on the country, this is your chance to fast track your start-up and become investment ready. Connect with UK investors, over 40 international top professional mentors and aspiring liked-minded entrepreneurs at RG Challenge19.

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