Whiz kids behind Wizzle take global entrepreneurship award

A team of 16-year-old students from the Experimental Senior High School of the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki has won the 2024 De La Vega Global Entrepreneurship Award for the game Wizzle, which is based on symmetries and artistic motifs found in all cultures, cultivates the imagination and combats stress.

Innovation Greece 5.0 | Athens | January 26-27

Innovation Greece 5.0, the conference on innovation in the country and on the entities supporting it, will be held on Friday and Saturday at EKEFE Democritus (27 Neapoleos, Agia Paraskevi, Athens) from 11 a.m.

Embracing military tech innovation

The Greek armed forces are to link with local startups from which they can order advanced equipment and applications, according to draft legislation that will be opened to public consultation next week.

Research or inertia?

Some things never change. Politicians may promise and brag, news media may report breathlessly on any inch of progress, and legions of people distinguished in their fields may devote money, time and their reputation to the cause, but Greece seems unable to invest seriously in research and innovation.

Greece ranked 42nd in Global Innovation Index

Greece’s problem with innovation can be summed up in two sub-indices of the Global Innovation Index, whose 2023 edition was released on Wednesday by the Geneva-based World Intellectual Property Organization.

Greek app aims to tackle food waste

With every Greek throwing out nearly 100 kilograms of edibles every year – giving the country the fourth worst ranking for food waste in the European Union – a homegrown app seeks to promote a culture of greater sustainability.

Cyprus seen among EU’s innovators

Cyprus has again been placed among the EU’s strongest innovators, for a second year in a row, according to the annual European Union innovation scoreboard, marking a significantly faster performance than the EU average.

EIT sets up info center in Cyprus

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) is about to set up an information center in Cyprus, called the EIT Community RIS Hub and is already in search of a national secretary to lead and coordinate it.

Users start innovating for themselves

In a world of constant commercialization and patenting of every innovation, even those needed to cure very serious diseases, the lion’s share of the scientific community consisting of eminent experts propose the free sharing of knowledge and synergy between manufacturing companies and product users-perceivers to accelerate the development of new technologies.

Few Greek innovation leaders

While Greece has picked up speed in terms of innovation and strengthening the technology sector, businesses, especially small and medium-sized ones, still have a long way to go to boost their performance in this field, which is an obstacle for their further development.

Reversing Greece’s brain drain

Greece’s Demokritos National Center for Scientific Research is preparing to receive deep-tech startups from NATO countries at its business accelerator in Agia Paraskevi, northern Athens, within the next year.