Thriving amid crisis

Thriving amid crisis

Antonios Aldous, Vice President of Business Development at MassiveGRID & 7L International

During these unexpected and unprecedented times, there are still many questions and debates about Covid-19, but what we can all agree on is that the virus has affected, directly or indirectly, our everyday lives. Families are quarantined, social distancing is a must and businesses are impacted, one way or another. Consequently, we have drastically changed the way we interact with people, socialize, think about business and work.

Companies and organizations are evolving and adjusting their business models to weather the crisis, and get prepared for the next day. Foodservice distributors and restaurant owners offer delivery services to their customers’ premises, universities are offering virtual classes, almost everyone is working from home and the vast majority of businesses have drastically increased their technology and cyber security budgets.

While the word “crisis” may strike fear into someone’s mind, it should actually be linked with the opportunities that arise with it, and the deeper the crisis, the bigger the opportunities. It is natural that crises come and go, appear in different ways and forms, and have various durations and effects. As Aristotle Onassis said, “[w]e must free ourselves of the hope that the sea will ever rest. We must learn to sail in high winds.” Indeed, if we want to survive and excel, we must learn how to sail in high winds, reinvent ourselves, pivot and adapt to various circumstances.

That being said, in order for businesses to thrive during a crisis, it’s not enough to just show resilience and have the right attitude towards change, they must also embrace technology and digital transformation. Now, more than ever, using digital technologies to create innovative business processes and customer experiences is a necessity. It not only enables businesses to act faster, smarter and safer, but it also allows them to scale, become more efficient and compete globally.

In this regard, it is of the utmost importance to work with a team that has extensive experience in digitally transforming companies, and which can help your business excel and navigate through these challenging times. Organizations like MassiveGRID and 7Linternational, which provide high-availability cloud services and custom software development solutions, should be on your radar.

Tech companies are here to help you and your company overcome any challenge you may face by developing custom solutions, which will enable you to manage your workload more efficiently, make your business processes more effective, and accommodate the changing needs of your clients. Furthermore, they can offer secure environments, platforms and remote desktop solutions, so that all your electronic meetings, work and transactions cannot be compromised.

Last but not least, high end technology service providers will prepare and fortify your business against future crises, which will come. Even though some may think that digital transformation is a “nice to have,” the truth is that it is a necessary transformation that must be done in order for your business to stay competitive and prosper in the long run. In Jim Rohn’s words, “[y]our life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” 

We are in this together!

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