Growth or parasitism?

Growth or parasitism?

Fear, weakness or conscious rigidity? Are the limits between thought and reaction so narrow or has New Democracy’s steady lead over SYRIZA in the opinion polls frozen any intention – if we assume it exists – by its leader, Alexis Tsipras, for any shift in the way he criticizes the government? His position is dire, in any case, and he does not (or cannot) do anything to improve it.

On the contrary, one might say he aggravates it. Recently, during a visit to the regional unit of Ilia, Tsipras did everything to humor local New Democracy MP Kostas Tzavaras, an old-school pork-barrel politician, who announced that he does not intend to be a candidate again after the government decided to abolish two Patra University departments based in his constituency and created by the SYRIZA government under its much-derided “in every village, a university” policy.

“Even if these plans are initially implemented, they will soon be abolished by a progressive government that will prioritize what is right and above all the benefits and interests of society and the citizens and not the interests of a small oligarchy,” said Tsipras.

Really? What is the most “admirable” part of this diatribe? The constant repetition of words and perceptions that have been blown away by reality? What is “progressive” and what is considered a “small oligarchy” interest? Since we are here, the revelations that plague SYRIZA concerning Tsipras’ right hand around Nikos Pappas, involving a naked attempt to corner the TV market for the benefit of the then-ruling leftists and the reports of huge sums of money being thrown around in support of this goal, in what category do they place the main opposition party?

As the country-wide university entrance exams approach, the unprincipled pandering to young people becomes more increasingly raw and panicky, as if the opposition has just found its only lifeline. “Suspend the minimum passing grade for admission to higher education,” Tsipras strongly demanded in Parliament. “Suspend this sordid measure that slams the door on 30,000 students.”

Old-school mentality, old-school interests, old-school dependency on the same mistake (maintain departments with a very low admission threshold and a very low number of graduates), an old world that survives by reproducing proven disastrous disputes. An old world that exists within all parties.

Who really cares about the young? He who does not reform an outdated higher education system that produces unemployed, and unemployable, people, or he who realizes the impasse and tries to take corrective action? What does the political system mean by reform? Is the aim growth or parasitism? The answer is still pending.

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