On Steve Jobs, Soros, Greek MPs and public workers

I’ve never been a user of Apple products. At one time I was in the PC business and had a customer who was a faithful buyer of their products. I don’t like the fact that once they are broken they don’t authorize anyone to repair them; only to replace them if under warranty which just fills up a landfill.

Yes, in China the manufacturing folks are overworked as they are here in Cupertino CA. Apple employees work, come home, feed their kids and go back to work. It’s known to be a sweatshop.

Steve Jobs was known to be online looking at Apple’s website on Christmas day to inform the webmaster of any errors. What kind of life is that? Yes, he might have been visionary but the way he went about it was inhumane.

Karen Toscos

Re: George Soros

I think it would be beneficial to know the «personalities» that would associate themselves with convicted felon, George Soros. Dime con quien andas y te dire quien eres.

Michelle Gist

Justice reform to transparency

Its so surprising how so many Greek citizens are totally unconcerned with enforcing criminal action against the MPs. How did they (MPs) pass a law giving them asylum? Why haven’t any good lawyers spoken out about this? Why don’t we know how much revenue each MP makes annually? Why are there so many MPs? OK. These questions might drive the average citizen to despair. Most have no idea about what perhaps could come out of this disclosure, but without understanding of the past, we can’t continue or much less go on. Yes, the cycle of corruption is part of the political environment in Greece, possibly the reason why the politicians work in the first place. It’s really sad and damaging to the Greek psyche believing that which is true! No politician in Greece cares for anything except for their career and their security. International consensus knows this to be true; they know how our politicians are living off the high horse on the backs of their people. I wish that some day we will stand up for our rights and demand transparency.

Hari T

Lazy public workers always on strike

I believe the Greek workers always on strike are not doing a service to their country. First these guys earn more than, for example, similar workers in Germany. They have received 30% more increases than other EU countries over the last 10 years. Apart from that, the public sector in Greece is inefficient, corrupt and overstaffed. I am a German citizen and I am appalled over the Greek situation. I think Greeks are not worth being considered as Europeans as they have defrauded, cheated and embezzled funds from the EU and the government. It is easy for Greeks to blame the politicians and the government, but how do you explain that more than 120,000 pensioners claimed their pension on an unjustified basis (pensioner dead, sons continued to receive the money, did not declare death of father).

Tom Bannister

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