The law is not negotiable

There are certain people who need to be reminded of the fact that they have sworn to uphold and to apply the laws of the Hellenic Republic. We are talking about the prime minister and the government, but also about the country?s prosecutors and judges, who have in recent days sorely disappointed citizens with the lack of courage they have displayed.

George Papandreou and his government are making a big mistake if they believe that allowing violent protests, the occupation of public buildings and sit-ins is a way of allowing citizens to vent their frustration.

This tolerant stance that began in regard to the ?I won?t pay? movement is taking on dangerous proportions because what it is actually achieving is to send the message that everything is allowed in this country.

As far as the justice system is concerned, it is perfectly natural for prosecutors and judges to be afraid of the backlash from unpopular decisions, but by showing tolerance they are undermining the state and the law.