Good vs bad patriotism

There are different forms of patriotism and different ways to express it. The most genuine is to fight for change, to struggle for Greece to become a country that does not need to beg for loans in order to cover its deficit, and to be able to contradict those who vehemently purport that we do not belong in the European Union.

Patriotism expressed through gabbled cries against all ?foreigners? and aimed solely at winning a handful of votes and a few moments of fame on television is populist and destructive.

This latter form of patriotism is, in fact, very similar to that expressed in Germany or the Netherlands, or any other populist sentiment that hinges on mean-spirited and disparaging stereotypes of the Greek people.

We must all throw ourselves into the battle to get Greece back on its feet. Within Greece the battle is about solving our problems. Outside, it is about convincing our partners that we can be relied upon.

Insults and hammed-up rhetoric will get us nowhere. They serve only to vent frustration and while this may feel liberating for a while, in the long run it will prove catastrophic.