Banks are the bedrock

The recapitalization of Greece?s banks is one of the most important steps toward getting the debt-wracked country?s economy back on an even keel, and it must be concluded as soon as possible.

Of course it goes without saying that a proper and equitable balance must be found between the level of state control over the banks and creating the conditions that will encourage investors to put their capital back into banks. It also a given that this process takes a certain amount of time.

But delays that arise from political concerns generate massive and unpredictable risks to the stability of the Greek banking system and simply intensify investors? uncertainty about doing business in this country.

It will take political courage and consensus, as well as swift decision-making, in order for the recapitalization process to move forward and ultimately to safeguard what little is left of the Greek economy that is still healthy and may still provide some form of growth.