Will this be the last time?

The new measures that will have to be approved in the coming weeks will be very harsh and will undoubtedly result in major social upheaval.

One positive aspect of the new measures is that there will be no further cuts with regard to the salaries of those in the military and the police force, people who safeguard public welfare at great risk to themselves.

Equally positive is the fact that no cuts will be made to low farmer pensions and that reductions to minimum pensions in general will be kept as small as possible.

On the other hand, however, it is obvious that this collection of measures needs to be accompanied by direct, tangible benefits secured by the country?s partners.

No society or political system can survive five years of deep, ongoing recession, recurring salary and pension cuts and, most importantly, a lack of assurances that ?this is it,? that this is the last, difficult hurdle in order for the country to return to growth and feel certain that its future lies within the eurozone.