Let?s hear some solutions

What the country needs at this point in time is the ability to produce a primary surplus.

In other words, for the Greek state to be in a position to function and pay for public servants? salaries and pensions without resorting to borrowing.

This is the only way for national sovereignty to be restored and for the country and its people to put the fiscal and public sector restructuring nightmare behind them.

The opposition, left-wing SYRIZA, and all the other parties elected to Parliament, ought to table a set of absolutely clear suggestions as to how this target can be attained.

Vague and violent criticism does not have the power of persuasion when it is not accompanied by alternative proposals based on real facts and figures.

Unless, of course, the country?s parliamentary opposition adheres to the notion that Greece?s partners and creditors are obliged to lend us all the extra money we need without asking for anything in return.