Purging the system of graft

Greece will never really manage to get back on its feet and move forward if the culture of corruption is not purged.

Over the past few days the public been shaken with the publication of ?lists? and ?disclosures? involving cases of alleged corruption.

However, there is little actual evidence about who is guilty and who is not. As a result, all the lists and disclosures only help to undermine social solidarity and peace. They may even be used as tools by that invisible hand, as it were, which insists on pushing the country toward the drachma.

Over the years, Kathimerini newspaper has insisted on the need to purge the political system of graft and corruption. We firmly believe that this society is mature enough to know everything, even if that jeopardizes the existing political establishment.

In order to move forward, we must make sure we punish the wrongdoers, but we must also protect the innocent and Greek society from those who play dirty games in the name of a so-called catharsis.