Futile fixations

The government’s futile efforts to convince its voters that it is staying true to its leftist ideology and profile, despite the fact that it is implementing the terms of its harsh bailout deal with international creditors and has introduced an extremely controversial social security reform proposal, are doing a great disservice to the country as a whole and fooling no one.

For example, the government’s ongoing battle with a foreign-owned company that operates gold mines in Halkidiki, northern Greece, and the recent criticism launched by the minister of state against the head of the

TAIPED privatization fund clearly do nothing to improve the investment climate and draw the funds that Greece needs so badly today.

The prime minister and the members of his cabinet need to realize that there is no room for ideological fixations in the country right now. By insisting on sticking to the same old tune, they are simply proving that they are out of touch with reality.