Overflowing with hate

Overflowing with hate

It’s not hard to see where all the hate in Greek society comes from. It is, however, hard to see where it will lead. Certainly not anywhere good, unless some very determined and enlightened leaders appear in the future and squeeze the genie back into the bottle.

Hate seems to be everywhere, permeating public discourse, social media, everything. We read stuff that is unconscionable, lies and cruel remarks about people who have honored and done service to their country. We hear people who seem to have lost their minds applauding violence and asking for more.

Those in government bear considerable responsibility for this state of affairs. They went to great lengths to stoke public outrage when they first entered the political arena and when they were in the opposition, fighting the memorandums. Now they’re throwing people to the dogs at the first opportunity, for no particular reason, without any concern for what is true and what is not.

Don’t they know that the more blood these dogs taste, the louder they bay for more? Don’t they know that they are making themselves targets because these dogs are colorblind and will devour anyone thrown into the pit for the sake of a good spectacle?

The Alexis Tsipras that was once revered is now dismissed as colluding with nefarious forces. And we are just at the start of the madness. No one needs to poison us with chemtrails to make the atmosphere any more toxic than it already is – the gates of the asylum are wide open.

Some may wonder whether these observations mean we are opposed to catharsis. Of course not. Catharsis is something that is needed, but it needs to proceed by the letter of the law, with due process, not like a trial at the Roman Colosseum.

I don’t see how Greece will be able to break out of this vicious cycle. It may take a real shock to help us understand the extent of the problem. One of these days, all the hate pulsating through every level of society may become a weapon in the hands of an individual or group bent on bringing about their own version of catharsis. And the biggest risk given our situation today is that a very large portion of society would probably applaud such a move while an equally large part simply looked on – indifferent because in a country where anything goes, nothing is surprising anymore.

What is certain is that Greece will never become a normal country again if it remains in the grips of this hate and division. The ruling powers must understand this and take a step back so that others can follow – if, that is, they are interested in ruling in a normal country.

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