An influential voice for the past 100 years

An influential voice for the past 100 years

It is not just a matter of tradition, a history of recording events over a century during which the country experienced moments of national pride as well as divisions, crises and tragedies.

It is also the responsibility of being a part of the process of documenting, assessing and analyzing these events from a critical yet objective point of view, having a strong but rational opinion and not being influenced by over-the-top positions, obsessions and personal sympathies.

It’s about being a newspaper with a point of view, with a moderate voice and respect for the ideas of others, being an influential voice that exercises its right to criticize those in positions of power, and becoming a part of the country’s history as a widely accepted platform for diverse ideas and proposals with the aim of contributing to the greater good. Kathimerini has been fulfilling the demand for reliable and well-rounded reporting for a century now.

In the past two decades, moreover, it has reached out beyond its Greek audience to an international one, via Kathimerini English Edition (printed with the International New York Times as a single paper), which serves as the key source of information for non-Greek speakers interested in developments in this country: From businesspeople and officials at international institutions and organizations to people who are interested not just in politics, the economy and investment opportunities, but also in the research of Greek scientists, in archaeological discoveries and travel experiences.

Kathimerini English Edition’s responsibility is greater as a result of the fact that it serves as a window onto Greece for the rest of the world – including the diaspora – and has an obligation to present developments in this country as fully and objectively as possible.

In both its Greek and English editions, Kathimerini plays a role of national importance, as its measured reporting – away from the sirens of populism and dangerous demagoguery – informs the partners and allies of both Greece and Cyprus (where both are also published), but also countries with which our relations are strained.

This, in combination with the broad range of opinions it hosts in its columns – reflecting its respect for freedom of expression, something that cannot be said of every paper, and cannot be taken for granted in every country – means that its positions and analyses are considered seriously and prove quite influential both inside and outside Greece.