Cheers and jeers

In general, the Games have been outstanding. Congratulations to Greece for a job well done in presenting these historic Games. I’m sure that you’ve received a large amount of e-mail in response to the variable showing of the spectators at the Games the past few days. But I still feel I must present my perspective on the crowds as well. Certainly many of the attendees have shown terribly disgraceful demeanor, and each of those people who have participated in that awful showing should be embarrassed and shamed by it. The Olympic Games are supposed to be about the individual athletes doing their best… Why can’t the spectators separate their anger about the judging (gymnastics), the doping scandals (track), and general politics from giving the athletes their due respect? The spectators should remember that they are there to watch and to celebrate these spectacular performances. At the original home of the Olympics, it is more than disrespectful to exhibit less than honorable attitudes, it is outrageous. Please – cheer the athletes on, leave the jeering for a different venue. RICHARD GROSS – Oregon City, Oregon, USA. How do the Greek people think it possible for the United States’ athletes to «conspire» to get Costas Kenteris out of the Olympic Games? Did they give him the drugs? I am totally baffled by this charge and am appalled by the behavior of the Greek people in the stands at the 200-meter race. How rude and classless they behaved. DEEANN LEE – Florida, USA I hope that the majority of the Greek people are thoroughly ashamed of the behavior of the crowd in Athens (on the night of August 26) before the 200m men’s final – a disgrace that besmirches the Greek reputation for fair play.


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