Trump has crossed every line


The United States is going through an unprecedented crisis. In Greece, even during the worst days of the crisis, no one ever stormed the Parliament. Today, Trump supporters invaded the Capitol. This was the result of the President's irresponsible, extreme and violent populism. And the complicity of the Republican establishment that let things reach this point. Some Republican leaders may have risen to the occasion today, refusing to annul the result of the election, but have been afraid of Trump's bullying for a disconcertingly long time. Today, US democracy resembles a Third World democracy. In Beijing, Moscow and Teheran, they will be smiling, and with reason.

Trump has exceeded all limits, is beyond even hubris. Biden will be sworn into office on January 20. But the US will still be a polarized, fragile democracy. It may yet find the strength to overcome another crisis. But maybe what we are seeing in our screens is a scene from a process of decline. Time will tell.