Boosting safety on roads

Your editorial on safer roads (September 28) should be mandatory reading for all Greeks, especially the Greek police. I am a retired American living in Greece and I am appalled at what I see on the roads. Here in Loutra Oraia Eleni / Almiri, I live on the Corinth-Epidaurus road and I have seen some things drivers do that if they were to happen elsewhere, would land them in jail. The speeding, passing in no-passing zones, parking/ stopping on the road isn’t enough, but I see people riding motorbikes who shouldn’t be allowed on the roads with small children with no helmets. I think in most places this would be child abuse. I do see the police every once in a while but they usually stay on the section of the national road over the Corinth Canal. I guess that is to stay out of the sun. To be honest, I haven’t seen the police do much of anything. With the financial problems here in Greece, the country could benefit and put a big dent in the deficit from fines collected from all the highway abusers, let alone save a few lives. I would like to see more public awareness placed on public safety. I think public awareness training and one less political show or article wouldn’t hurt the ratings. RICHARD CALLAHAN, Almiri/Corinth.