September 30, 1954

LABOR FOR CYPRUS: London, 29 – The British Labor Party has passed a resolution against the British government’s policy on the Cyprus issue. Many of its members of Parliament have asked in their speeches for the implementation of the principle of self-determination for Cyprus. This is essentially the first major victory for the Cyprus struggle, which is being vindicated among the ranks of the largest British political party of the people. STEPHANOPOULOS-VYZINSKY: New York, 28 – It has been announced that the leader of the Russian delegation, Mr Andrei Vyzinsky, is to make a speech before the UN General Assembly on Thursday morning (…). Greek Foreign Minister Mr Stephanos Stephanopoulos had the opportunity to speak with Mr Vyzinsky (probably on the Cyprus issue). GEORGE PAPANDREOU: Chios, 29 – The leader of the Liberal party, Mr George Papandreou, arrived here this afternoon and was met by the parliamentary deputies I. Mavridoglou and A. Passadis and other local officials. (…) Mr Papandreou said the Liberal Party rejected any cooperation, either with the Communists or with the Rally party, as it would lead to polarization in the country’s political life.