October 26, 1955

THEOTOKIS-MACMILLAN: Paris, 25 – The foreign ministers of Greece, Mr Spyros Theotokis, and of Great Britain, Mr Harold Macmillan, met here tonight to talk about the Cyprus situation. It was the first contact at a ministerial level between the two governments since Great Britain and Turkey rejected Greece’s demand for self-determination for the Cypriot people. HUBERT HUMPHREY: US Senator Mr Hubert Humphrey, a member of the Senate’s foreign affairs committee, has expressed his opinion about self-determination for the Cypriot people. «It is my hope,» he said in a letter, «that the Cypriot people will soon be able to exercise their right to self-determination.» GREECE AND NATO: According to a government source, it has been announced that Greece will from now on participate in NATO exercises following the honors paid to the Greek flag by Turkish political, military, and civilian authorities in compensation for the atrocities perpetrated against the Greek communities of Istanbul and Izmir in which the Greek flag was desecrated.