March 13, 1956

CYPRIOT STRUGGLE: There has been a tremendous reaction internationally to the Hitler-like action by the British government in arresting and exiling Archbishop Makarios of Cyprus and his close associates. At this time, all indications point to the fact that the British navy has transported the ethnarch, the bishop of Kyrenia and the other two detainees to Mombasa on the African coast, and from there to the islands of the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean. International observers are wondering what the British are hoping to achieve by banishing the Greek cleric from the island. Nicosia’s streets are silent, there has been no movement since a protest strike was declared. Bombs were thrown at British patrols and tear gas was used to break up a demonstration. The liberation struggle will continue, even without the ethnarch. GOLD SOVEREIGN: The post-election calm in the Greek market for the gold sovereign was interrupted last Tuesday after the announcement of British intransigency on the Cyprus issue. On Wednesday, the sovereign reached 321.70 drachmas, only to fall again on Friday (March 9) to 316.80 drachmas.