March 15, 1956

KARAMANLIS AND USA: The prime minister, Mr Constantine Karamanlis, yesterday received a delegation of 43 American journalists and made the following statement: «The Greek people expect the United States, who have undertaken the role of world leader, to intervene decisively in the Cyprus issue. (Ed. note: The British had just exiled Archbishop Makarios of Cyprus and his associates to the Seychelles.) If the US does not use its great moral and material advantage to discipline the free world to follow the principles of justice and liberty, then the future of that free world is at risk. (…) As for the risk of communism, it is not so great in Greece but is certainly strengthened by people’s frustration as a result of being badly treated by their allies, particularly given that we are a poor people. The annual per capita income for most people is just $150.» DEMONSTRATION: Despite a decision by the Cypriot struggle committee to cancel the demonstration, the young people of Athens yesterday held vociferous protest rallies against British terrorism in Cyprus. Twenty-one police officers and 55 civilians were injured, and 150 people were arrested. There were also demonstrations in the provinces.