Let the deception come to an end

The main opposition party has committed a second crime against fiscal management in the form of an incomprehensible persistence in justifying its deception of the domestic and international public when it was in government, by presenting false data concerning the real extent of the national deficit and public debt. Those who so recently put the country in an embarrassing position are now harshly criticizing the present government for trying to restore the country’s reputation. In brief, they are fooling the Greek public. The previous government harmed the country by glossing over fiscal data which, even if not revealed by the present government in a fiscal inventory, would have been discovered by the European Commission, causing extremely unpleasant consequences for the country. No one can deceive the international or domestic public for any length of time and by diverging so far from reality. The worst of it is that not only did the (PASOK) reformists harm the country in the past, but they don’t appear to be even aware of it. They are still insisting that their fiscal management was sincere and therefore the European Commission must have been misled! This is a position that does even more harm to the country, since they are justifying a crime at the expense of the economy but also indicating – without a trace of repentance – that given the opportunity, they would repeat the same tactics. Their strategy, which reflects their being trapped in the past, harms the country and certainly does no good for the main opposition party itself. The public is waiting for it to present its platform regarding the future, not persist with a past strategy that has been rejected. Moreover, the argument for that return to the past is somewhat clumsy. The regulations just established by Eurostat, the European Union’s statistics service, with regard to way expenditure on military armaments is recorded, was a necessary one. This means that in future there will be no excuse for serving up deceptive data.