March 14, 1956

GREECE AND CYPRUS: The Greek people’s frustration and anger has led to day-long demonstrations against Britain. Tanks were used during bloody clashes between demonstrators and police in Thessaloniki. Furniture was destroyed in the British Consulate in Iraklion, Crete. A NATO official said the unprecedented crisis in the relationship between Britain and Greece called for intervention by Western powers. The government of Constantine Karamanlis is to convene a council of political party leaders. A protest has been made to the UN and the demarche is to be lodged tomorrow. The Holy Synod has also issued a protest. The Church of Greece has sent a telegram to the Patriarch of Moscow. NEUTRAL GREECE: (From an editorial in Kathimerini) – «The other day in Cyprus, the British showed (in exiling Archbishop Makarios) a barbarity typical of medieval despots. (…) Greece is now forced to review the entire spectrum of its foreign relations in the light of the new situation (…) bearing in mind the country’s true interests and diverging from the principle of bipolarity that it was obliged to follow throughout the postwar period.»