May 27, 1956

REFORMIST STATE: The trade and industry minister, Mr Panayis Papaligouras, yesterday announced important measures in the government’s program to supply more of the country with electrical power. The most important of these measures is that as of August 1, 1956, a single, cheap fee for power consumption is to be introduced in the provinces of mainland Greece and on the island of Evia, not higher than 1.90 drachmas per kilowatt for lighting. Electrical power used by industries and agriculture, as well as T3 power, will be even cheaper. Today the price of lighting power in the provinces is 3.50-4 and 7 drachmas per kilowatt. The Athens Piraeus Electrical Company (HEAP) is to be bought by the Greek state in 1960. Meanwhile, on August 1, 1956, the privileges and permits of all electrical companies on mainland Greece and the island of Evia, as well as the installations to go to the Public Power Corporation (PPC), are to be revoked. Mr Papaligouras also announced that within the year PPC will reach Florina and within three years the main network in Thrace, the western part of central Greece and the southern and western Peloponnese will be completed to supply 60 towns and villages with electrical power for the first time.