‘Careless’ reports on jet collision

I am a Turkish citizen who reads your newspaper on the Internet. I am puzzled by the difference between your paper and the Turkish (liberal) media in interpreting the latest fighter jet incident in the Aegean. The Turkish media reported the incident without much emotion or nationalistic statements and focused on how and why the incident occurred. Your articles are forecasting the arrival of a major conflict and asking for a total change in Greek policy in both military (very worrying) and political areas and basically advising your government to escalate the conflict. I think these are very irresponsible articles for a newspaper like yours. If this is the output of the good brains of Greece then the future is very risky for both countries. Thank God your former president has some logic and suggests taking the dispute to the International Court at The Hague. I believe this is the only way forward. I hope your commentators can come to their senses and support this idea instead of calling for military options. S. ANIL, Belgium.