July 10, 1956

SANTORINI EARTHQUAKE: Telegrams received late last night from Thera indicate that the situation was calmer than during the day yesterday. Efforts to find more bodies (than the 40 already found) amid the buildings that collapsed in the quake were continuing. The injured in need of hospitalization have been moved to Syros. (…) Supplies of food, water and blankets for the survivors have been secured. Ministers Giorgios Rallis and Ioannis Psarreas are personally supervising the work of caring for the survivors, not only on Santorini but on the other islands that sustained damage. This morning King Paul and Queen Frederiki are expected to arrive on the island. Everyone realizes that this is the first time the effects of a natural disaster have been dealt with with such speed and efficiency. (…) As the prime minister, Mr Constantine Karamanlis, said yesterday, reconstruction will begin immediately, without a period in which survivors will have to live in temporary housing. KING PAUL: After their arrival on Thera yesterday, the king and queen visited the villages on the quake-stricken island. (…) The death toll so far is 48.