September 15, 1956

YIANNIS MILIADIS: Eleven years after the end of the Second World War, it was finally possible to open the Acropolis Museum this week, which contains more original masterpieces of ancient Greek sculpture than any other museum in the world. The museum’s director, Mr Yiannis Miliadis, overcoming most of the financial difficulties, managed to make four of the postwar sections of the museum accessible to the public and believes that before Christmas two more will open, as exhibits are already being set up in them. Meanwhile, work is continuing on one of the three exhibition halls that are to open next year… Mr Miliadis has achieved the unequalled feat of using the limited space to the best advantage, without overloading the visitor with too much material, as happens at other museums. A.M. LOW: London, 15 – The distinguished British inventor Archibald Montgomery Low died in his home at Chiswick, West London, today at the age of 68. His inventions included the basic principles of the television set in 1914, contact lenses in 1920 and, during World War I, the first remote-controlled aircraft.