September 26, 1956

DICTATORSHIP AFTER PERON: Buenos Aires – A year ago, following a bloody revolution that lasted for four days, General Juan Domingo Peron was forced to take refuge in the embassy of Paraguay in Buenos Aires. Later, he was allowed to leave Argentina. The interim government under General Eduardo Lonardi, set up right after the revolution, was clearly right-wing and, in fact, extreme right. (…) The main job of the current government (of President General Pedro Eugenio Araburru) is to prevent a counter-revolution by Peron’s followers and to fight against the devotion that the working classes continue to feel for the fallen dictator Peron… The first year that Argentina was rid of Peron was characterized by serious upheaval. Conspiracies were continually being discovered among Peronists who also staged a failed attempt at an uprising on June 9. (…) It is doubtful whether General Araburru enjoys the support of either the bourgeoise or the plutocrats. Propaganda in favor of Peron has been declared illegal. The press is almost exclusively in the hands of the goverment’s supporters.