October 31, 1956

THE ‘NO’ OF 1956: In a message to the Greek people to commemorate the anniversary of October 28, King Pavlos said that the commemoration of the (1940) war in Albania was in honor of the heroic Greeks who fell fighting for their country, but that the country was now at a critical phase in the struggle by its brothers in Cyprus to achieve their freedom. He said that the two struggles had much in common, in that the opponents in both struggles were countries that had once been friends of Greece. «The war in Albania was a clash of ideals and we won it,» he said, adding: «Our current struggle is again a clash of ideals. Then we were fighting against the suppression of justice and freedom. Now we are dealing with… the suppression of the same ideals.» MAGHREB UPRISING: London, 26 – Events in North Africa – after the abduction and detention by the French of five Algerian leaders – have been developing rapidly. The number of Europeans killed in the regions of Meknes and Port Lyautais is estimated at 45… France has taken recourse to the UN Security Council, accusing Egypt of offering assistance to the Algerian guerrillas.