February 10-14, 1957

DEATH SENTENCE: Nicosia, 8 – An 18-year-old Greek Cypriot, Nikos Sophocleous, was sentenced to death after being convicted of shooting dead a Cypriot lawyer in Limassol last November. The deceased, John Pelagias, was the publisher of a weekly newspaper that often criticized the Ethnarchy and supported the constitution proposed by the British. Sophocleous, who was a mechanic, said he was not guilty of the crime, which occurred in a Limassol street. Eight out of 10 other Cypriots sentenced to death have been executed by hanging. CYPRIOT STRUGGLE: Nicosia, 9 – The heroic Cypriot patriots’ struggle against the British colonists is intensifying day by day. Late last night, 300 armed Cypriots wearing masks attacked a British police station in Evripos, about 30 miles west of Nicosia. It appears that the Cypriot fighters opened fire on the station’s guards, causing considerable damage. GREEK MUSIC: (From a music review by Minos Dounias): «The Cypriot composer and musicologist Solon Michailidis, a student of popular Greek music and Byzantine traditions, as well as the author of ‘Harmony in Modern Music,’ has given an enlightening lecture on Greek music.»