Sadness and concern

And now this: Demonstrators at a sit-in at the University of the Aegean yesterday issued an announcement calling on their professors to come by and pick up their personal belongings from their offices. The announcement said: «According to the sit-in committee, we inform you that the department will be open for the collection of your personal belongings on Wednesday, February 14, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. only. In case anyone is unable to come by on that specific day and time, please inform us by Wednesday, February 14, at the latest.» The humor of the demonstrators actually went further than that. According to a different fatwa issued by the committee, the students will carry on with their dissertations inside the labs, without the presence of university professors. These things would be funny were they not tragic. The mess of Greece’s higher education is a serious cause for sadness and concern.