When summer is over

For all Europeans, and Greeks especially, August 15 marks a transition: From a period of work and routine, we switch to a time of leisure, a carefree phase of relaxation and recharging our batteries. Recharging is key. Rest is important only insofar as it equips us with the motivation to keep going, full of energy, refreshed, with new ideas, organized and active. This August 15 requires Greeks to look at the days following the holidays in a different light too: to maturely and responsibly face – if indications are true – the upcoming elections, to ensure that when they vote they do so with the thought of national as well as personal progress in mind. This means to transform the electoral process, to the extent that this is possible, into a motivating force for modernization, renewal and progress. The Greek summer has been generous with the joys it has given us, but it also calls on us to gather our thoughts.