October 13, 1957

HAROLD MACMILLAN: London, 12 – Speaking at the Conservative Party conference in Brighton, Prime Minister Harold Macmillan declared that the West still had the upper hand, purely on the military level, with the hydrogen bomb. He said the foundations of British policy were peace and cooperation with the United States and that the Soviet Union was trying to undermine that friendship. He said that anyone in the West who tried to follow their example would simply be playing into the Soviets’ hands. He also expressed his pleasure at the closer rapprochement between Britain and the USA. SPUTNIK OVER ATHENS: London, 12 – The world continues to watch the progress made by the Russian satellite Sputnik on its repeated orbits of the Earth with the same interest. As the days pass, people are slowly beginning to realize that the main conditions of life and relations between people could change radically in the near future. Yesterday evening, according to an announcement from Moscow, its course brought the satellite over Athens at 21.36 p.m., Greek time. On Saturday, the satellite is expected to pass over Abadan [Iran], Chicago, Khartoum, Moscow, Barcelona and Hiroshima.