November 14, 1957

JOHN FOSTER DULLES: London, 13 – In a recent speech in Washington DC, Secretary of State John Foster Dulles said that the American people might have to deny themselves certain small freedoms if they wanted to rise to the Soviet Union’s military and scientific challenge. The secretary of state, speaking to a defense committee, asked for the USA to make a greater effort at this time until the forces of freedom prevailed and destroy the great monolith that threatens them. Mr Dulles also added that the Soviet Union had great reserves under an extremely able leadership. «The ambitions of those who rule the millions of Soviet citizens are concentrating their efforts in directions that they believe will enable them to rule the world. The problem is whether we are able to prevail while also maintaining the essence of freedom. Therefore, we might have to abandon certain small freedoms we enjoy today… I have no doubt that we will be successful in this. However, we have to accept certain conditions, one of which is to accept the principle of the interdependence of Allied countries to a greater extent.»