December 19, 1957

BULGANIN’S MESSAGE TO KARAMANLIS: Today the Soviet ambassador visited the coordination minister who is standing in for Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis and handed him a message from Russian Prime Minister Marshal Nikolai Bulganin. The ambassador spent about an hour with the minister. The message has already been passed on to Karamanlis, who is in Paris, and he will reply as soon as he returns to Athens. The letter reads as follows: «The Soviet government is seriously concerned at certain dangerous phenomena in the international situation. I believe you will agree that in Europe and other parts of the world, situations are arising that cannot be considered normal for peacetime… please believe that my speeches contain no threats but a deep concern for the fate of the world, the security and prosperity of all peoples. This forces me to call your attention to the danger inherent in the policy being implemented by NATO leaders. That danger is confirmed by the many reports that lately, many benefit foundations, some political parties, the Greek Orthodox Church, municipal councils and individual politicians and public officials are protesting against the use of Greek territory for a nuclear base…»