Time for reform of ports

Private investors’ entry in the running of the country’s port facilities will mark a major step in reforms. Not just because they will inject the capital necessary for the ports’ much-needed modernization – which is already long overdue – but also because they will be bringing the necessary know-how as well. Reactions to this move by unionists were pretty much as expected. As were their accusations of the policy being a «sellout.» Union leaders have become a force that propagates the quagmire in which so many sectors of Greek society find themselves. They are not fighting for the good of the ports or the country as a whole, but in order to safeguard their own privileges. Citizens expect the government to meet its obligations and live up to its pre-election promises. The government should not be daunted by the protesting voices of the few, but, rather, should promote the interests of the many – all Greek citizens.