Tax equalization is no joking matter

The equalization of consumption taxes is beginning to look like the legendary Bridge of Arta, whose foundations would crumble every night until a human sacrifice was given in offering. Instead of being applied on October 15 as initially scheduled, it was postponed until January 15 due to lack of a clear plan for implementation. Now that the 15th is almost upon us, it has been deferred for another 30 days because the «ministry’s services and systems need to be better organized.» We can only ask why it was ever announced if there was no plan for its implementation. The equalization of taxes will prove an important weapon in the battle against the illegal trade in fuels – worth an estimated 2 billion euros, but only if it is implemented. Each delay fuels the illegal trade and undermines the authority of the state. Anyone can see that the government is incapable of implementing the law and, in these times of general suspicion, some may come to believe that the government does not want to enforce the law. Hopefully this latest delay will be the last, because the equalization of taxes is not something that should become a bad joke.